The report recommends that:

  • Plugins are installed to protect WordPress site against hackers and spammers. Recommended plugins include All In One Security and Firewall, Akismet, and Login Lockdown;
  • Plugins are installed to improve WordPress site performance and SEO. Recommended plugins include WP-DB Manager, P3, and WordPress SEO by Yoast;
  • A theme should be selected to reflect business needs and they should promote product visibility. An example is the minimalist Stay theme designed by Automattic;
  • Social media tools be implemented to increase website visibility;
  • Web hosting services provided by web hosting organisations like GoDaddy, Crazy Domains, and Digital Pacific be analysed and chosen according to business needs.

In conclusion, hosting a website using a local server involves a suite of processes starting from evaluating online purchase experiences from rival companies, to comparing available DNS/ web hosting services, and finally to building the website itself. The report covered these major aspects in three digestible parts, bringing greater understanding about the full web hosting experience to users who are new to CMS-powered website building.


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